domingo, 11 de junho de 2017

Taking care of him


Feeding Igi is quite easy, as he isn't a cat that eats everything you put in front of him. He has his own food bowl in the kitchen, which you can just fill up whenever it's empty.
We keep his food in a big white box in the shelf next to the fridge, but a part of it is in a grey tin in the shelf just above the place where he eats in the kitchen, so that it's easier to get at.
He has a cat door to get out on the balcony - to drink water or to eat some grass for digestion.


Igi's waterbowl is next to his food bowl in the kitchen, please put fresh water in it daily. Even though he has this water available, he will also drink water from the cat fountain on the balcony and he will ask for water from the bidet, whenever he can as he probably finds this water fresher. Therefore please open the tap for him for a few minutes.

There is a cat fountain on the balcony, please could you clean and exchange the water in the fountain every 3-4 days. Instructions on the fountain are in one of the small drawers in the wooden chest of drawers in the kitchen: one that says CAT.


Igi's toilet is also out on the balcony. Please clean it once a day. There is a green shovel next to it with which you can do this. Put what you take out in a plastic bag (you can find them in the metal shelf next to his toiled) and then in the bin. In Summer it is perhaps better to put it in the bin at the bottom of the stairs. Every now and then, refill his box with extra litter.  The litter packets are in the shelf next to the fridge. There has never been any problem with Igi not using his toilet.

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