domingo, 11 de junho de 2017

Introducing you to Igi

This is Igi our cat. He will probably come to the door of the apartment when you arrive to welcome you. Then he will maybe also try to get out of the door, onto the staircase, as he is also very curious.
Igi is normally very friendly and likes to be the centre of attention. He is very social and will join you often wherever you are in the apartment. He lives in the whole apartment, and when you look for him because he disappeared, you can usually find him on the side of the house where there is the most sun.

When you keep doors shut during the night, just make sure he has access to the kitchen, from where he can reach the water fountain and the toilet outside, using the cat door.

He likes to be stroked, but don't try to stroke him on his belly, as he doesn't like it at all and he will show that.

Whenever you wanto to stroke him, let him smell your hand first, because otherwise he won't let you do it. Its also a good idea to let him smell your hand when you come into the apartment after having been out. He takes this as a form of saying 'hi'.

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